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GreenMyGuy Hits the Streets

October 25, 2009

Because this week has been such an eco-failure (see previous post), I hit the streets of our downtown area to better understand why we’re environmentally friendly in some ways and not others.

I asked two questions:
1. What is one environmentally-friendly thing you do?
2. What is one not environmentally-friendly thing you do that you would never give up?

Interview #1: Water Use in the Bathroom

Having to run the sink while going to the bathroom is a bit strange, but what I thought was most interesting was that she makes the effort to conserve water even though her other habit wastes water.  She later explained that she has tried to stop running the water in the sink but it’s a habit she just can’t seem to shake.

Interview #2: Recycling and Composting

This man’s eco-habit and not eco-friendly habit both relates to what we do to our waste.  On one hand, he recycles, but on the other, he fails to compost.  Why does he only go as far as recycling?  What factors limit the extent of him being environmentally friendly?

Interview #3: Packaging and Driving

Like Austin and I, driving seems to be this man’s un-eco habit.  However he was the only person that I talked to who mentioned excess packaging and its giant contribution to our waste.  A lot of people talked about driving or recycling.  Why the focus on certain environmental subjects and not others?  Is it limited exposure due to education or the media?  Or is it because recycling is something easy to incorporate into our lives while avoiding excess packaging is primarily out of our control?

Interview #4: Biking and Driving

Like many others, this man tries to ride his bike more but still mostly drives a car.  It seems like while the human effort to be more sustainable is there, the infrastructure (such as an efficient bus system or safe bike lanes) simply isn’t available, thereby limiting how much we can do.

I’d love to hear what you do that’s eco-friendly or not eco-friendly.  Leave a comment and share with us what you do!

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  1. October 25, 2009 5:29 pm

    I love the videos. Very nice. Two simple questions but I lot of info.

    Eco-Friendly thing…I unplug everything from the walls…and I also don’t own a tv, blow dryer, flat iron, curler…basically I have very little electronics to begin with and the ones that I do are unplugged unless in use.

    None Eco-Friendly thing…I let my water run in the morning before I brush my teeth and wash my face because its so cold. Its horrible. I know. I was just writing about this on my blog in relation to the water day for the No Impact Experiment. A friend suggested I microwave the water in a bowl or something and use that instead of just letting the water run. I’m going to try that.

    But I have a list in both categories though of eco things I do and none eco things. Hopefully the eco-friendly out way the eco-mean.

  2. janiec52 permalink
    October 27, 2009 12:26 pm

    One thing you could do to save water in the morning when its cold is to let it run into a big bowl or container, then use that water for a variety of things (watering plants, rinsing dishes, etc). My mom always washes veggies in a big plastic bowl then reuses that water in her garden.

    I can’t stand cold water in the morning either and I have a bad habit of letting my shower run until it gets hot. I think its good though, that we’re conscious of our actions. Acknowledging them is the first step. Then comes trying to find sustainable alternatives….that’s usually the harder part.

    Good luck with your cold water!

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